Just Slow EP

by Laura Goldthorp

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"A talented guitar player and fine singer who's songs have a sophistication beyond her years" - Iain Lowery- Barn Recordings


released January 27, 2015

Original songs by Laura Goldthorp
Alex Fergusson - production/mixing/mastering + additonal keys/ bass/vocals
Thomas Little- Production/Drums - Boy with Rhythm
Paul Burton- Production - Just Slow



all rights reserved


Laura Goldthorp UK

18 year old singer/songwriter from the UK.

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Track Name: Everything Comes Down
I promise you I don't care
that every time I see you you always seem to have
one hand in her hair

And I swear I don't remember
that the way you look at her is the way you looked at me
last December

But I think I've found a new guy
he's everything I'm singing but somehow he's just not it
and maybe that's unkind

But I'm willing to give him a try

Cus oh oh oh he's got this way that makes me move
but no no no he's got no evidence to prove
and so so so he tries to make up for his frown
But will you hold my hand if everything comes down?

If everything comes down

And she's a looker I know
But can she write a song to make you feel better
when you're feeling low?

Alright then go off with her
and I'll sit and drink tequila I swear that it's a healer
and oh that boy he knows

So I'll go off and show you it hurts
Track Name: Just Slow
He's got a one-way ticket to perfection
but he's mapping his own downfall
got his lips all set to tell the punchline
but he might have missed the joke

But let the sun rise over your body
feel it beat down on to your face
make your plans but leave some time for life
to have it's place

So back up, out your rut now
Don't play funny
Leave some time to laugh at yourself
change the tune major, minor
You can't run alone
Just slow

And maybe if you'd learn to be complacent
then I'd take my chance so fast
you would rather pursue the straight path
but dreams they don't always last

And I've been playing second fiddle
to your big hopes and dreams
But I'm a free wheeling soul
and we're on separate teams


And even when you're smiling next to me
and I see the weakness in your so-called 'destiny'
good luck getting rid of me
Track Name: Thirty Second Lover
I keep on making the same mistake
thought that maybe you'd provide some form of escape
They keep wondering why I can't stick with one guy
and end up breaking their heart in pursuit of my missing part
I turn the tables tell the stories and the fables
but don't follow my own advice
Cus I'm convinced I found my guy but denied him all the time
and then I had to watch him fly

They call me the thirty second lover
I'll break you then I'll cover my tracks
to be frank
and I swear that I'm not the type of girl to muck about and go
but this is an indecisive mid-life crisis
I'm confused as hell

And in the aftermath of loving I was fired up with hate
let all these guys just take advantage of my vulnerable state
is it all that I deserve
is it karma at it's worst
Is there something better coming
or a lesson to learn?
and even though I smile a lot
my soul just seems to hurt and rot
Can I look at you just one more time
to finalise my mind


And I keep on trying to make amends
not to fill the spaces with other men
cus no one, no one, no one, is like you
Track Name: Same Sin
Look what we've started
as if we never gave in
So many faces
Yet it's yours I'm caught in
and I'll scratch out the bloodline
of these worries and fears
is it me you'll be missing
in a couple of years

An empty necked bottle
and your dirty old jeans
we cleaned up your garden
and we danced in between
when you said it was lovely
and that I'm looking pretty
once at the high end
now the other extreme

Oh and every time I think I'm over I'm always beckoned in
Oh and I will plan my own way when I know I'll follow him
He's just the same sin
That I keep on forgiving

And just for a minute
won't you look back and see
that once there was feeling
and now I'm here to convene
and I would give you this body
cus we had absolute soul
but not more time at the table
you are ready to go

And let me speak softly
sing you songs in your sleep
about a love that was honest
Just not enough for the keep
and I'll pick up the pieces
while you boozing and fine
so that I've time to remember
that you're no longer mine
Track Name: Boy With Rhythm (Live Version)
Oh what a start to the year
you had me once, and now I'm here
writing songs about what has been and gone

Oh cus' it started off a simple thing
but it seemed much more than your average fling
seems the only way I'm going to get along

Is singing I like a boy with rhythm
Oh head swing hand clap drum beat tapping toes
Oh and when I find a boy with this rhythm
I hope he feels it right down in his bones
Singing I like a boy with rhythm
and I hope he soon comes knocking at my door
oh cus' when I have my boy with his rhythm
I will have to wait around for you no more

Oh well you kissed me twice on our first date
now you fist-bump me and call me 'mate'
what happened to just laughing our way through?

Oh cus' you told me we were right together
and I'll admit I will be tethered
until I find my boy with rhythm blues


Oh well and all my past lovers like them he will not be
Oh cus' he'll play drums and bass guitar
but he sure won't play me